You’re pregnant – Congratulations! Get ready for a 40 week emotional roller coaster ride packed with joy, worry, exhilaration, exhaustion and more. Your heart will burst with love for this little person you haven’t even met and your body will go through amazing changes on a daily basis. And yes, you will always be looking for the bathroom…

No matter where you are in your pregnancy, undoubtedly you have a million questions and concerns. What was that? Was that normal? What is normal? What’s happening to my body? And my baby?

Relax and take a breath! 40 Weeks is a movie that answers these questions while bringing you into the lives of a diverse group of real women dealing with the same issues you are. We invite you to get to know our families as we follow each of them throughout their pregnancy and see how they deal with the commonnplace pieces of the process,as well as unexpected setbacks. Experience the weekly milestones of pregnancy with this wonderful community you are now part of.

40 Weeks is proud to partner with the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN),, and the March of Dimes to provide expertise through your pregnancy from announcement to birth.


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Our Families

Diana Tran-Kim

Diana Tran-Kim

“Moms really worry about their weight. So I always try to tell my moms that it’s OK, your body is changing. Even as an OB/GYN I’m trying to do everything right and still I am looking bigger than I should be at this date.”

Bernadette Higgins

Bernadette Higgins

"She loves music it seems like, she'll be moving around and you put music on and she stops moving completely. And that started really early when Oliver would sing to her at nighttime. "

Override Alex and Lucien DeVoux

Alex and Lucien DeVoux

“I became a parent when I got pregnant. You can’t help but feel that way, you’re already hosting this baby in your body. Your sleeping patterns have changed, your eating patterns have changed, so your life has already fundamentally changed.”

Donielle Maddox

Donielle Maddox

“When he told me he didn’t want kids anymore we broke up, and before he even moved out of the house, I had signed up with a sperm donor agency and had done my first intrauterine insemination (IUI.)”

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